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In short, I like Bell’s chances of being every bit as effective as Johnson, and I like the overall situation in Pittsburgh much more.Wholesale Jerseys.At the same time, I’m not putting a ton of stock into a pair of common quibbles with Bell: his injuries and the possibility of a lengthy suspension.It is true that Bell has sat out 17 games in his four-year career, and three of six playoff games, and if you want to use Johnson’s spotless attendance in two NFL seasons as a tiebreaker, I wouldn’t begrudge that decision. However, there is no indication of a looming suspension for Bell this season, and injuries are tough (translation: essentially impossible) to predict.The other obvious reason to go with Johnson is the touchdown disparity, as he scored a whopping 20 last season, on top of 12 in relatively limited action as a rookie, giving him more in two seasons than Bell has scored in four (31).Cheap Jerseys From China. Touchdowns, though, are also difficult to predict, and it’s a good bet that Johnson won’t reach 20 again. Bell scored nine in 12 games last year, which would translate to 12 in 16 games (hashtag: #math), so any improvement on his part combined with likely regression by Johnson would bring them much closer. 

Tomlinson is fifth all-time in NFL rushing yards with 13,684. He’s only bested by Curtis Martin, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, and Emmitt Smith. He also holds the NFL’s single-season record for touchdowns in a season with 28 in football jerseys china.Joining Tomlinson on the finalist list for the first time were defensive end Jason Taylor, safety Brian Dawkins, offensive lineman Tony Boselli, wide receiver Isaac Bruce, cornerback Ty Law, and offensive lineman Kevin Mawae.Running back Terrell Davis was named a finalist for a third time, as well as quarterback Kurt Warner. Offensive linemen Alan Faneca and Joe Jacoby also received nods, along with safety John Lynch.Davis played just seven NFL seasons, but helped lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl in 1998, in a season where he rushed for 2,008 yards and 21 touchdowns.Custom Jerseys.He became just the fourth player in NFL history to accomplish such a feat. Warner led the St. Louis Rams’ Greatest Show on Turf, leading the Rams to a Super Bowl in 1999, and being named first-team All-Pro twice with the Rams.

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For years the National Football League has been the uncontested king of media in an age of fragmentation.Cheap China Jerseys.But in 2016, it seems to have run into an even greater force for absorbing the nation’s attention: a presidential election, featuring Donald Trump. After years of steady growth, the NFL’s average television audience fell 8 percent from the previous season.After the election, the NFL’s ratings perked up a bit, but were still flat-to-down through the end of the season and even through this past weekend. The audience for Saturday night’s playoff game between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks was 20 percent below first Saturday night playoff game of 2015.Throwback Jerseys.At best, televised football is no longer a growth industry, but merely a strong business that has peaked. At worst, this is the beginning of a period of steady decline for the one thing on traditional television that was never supposed to waver.  

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